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    Music and the MIT mission

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    A web portal for navigating an unprecedented time

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    Directors of J-PAL have transformed poverty alleviation and improved the lives of millions.

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    "There are many ways in which populations that are not in power can make gains, even when existing societal structures are heavily stacked against them." 

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    Philosophers Marion Boulicault and Milo Phillips-Brown are teaching ethics as a set of skills.

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    游戏开发商育碧起诉苹果谷歌:销售侵权游戏 - 游戏 - Ubisoft ...:2021-5-16 · 据外媒报道,本周五,法国知名游戏开发商育碧娱乐公司(UbisoftEntertainmentSA)对苹果、谷歌提起诉讼,指控这两家公司销售了育碧流行电子游戏《彩虹六号:围攻(TomClancy’sRainbowSix:Siege)》的侵权产品。

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    Faculty from all five MIT schools offer perspectives on the societal and ethical implications of emerging technologies.

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    A collective cry for justice

    "Writing 'I can’t breathe' on their masks, protestors enact a symbolic connection between two crises."
    — MIT Anthropologist Graham Jones

Making A Just Society
MIT's Humanistic Resources for Racial Equity & Social Justice

MIT Responses to the Covid-19 Virus
Updates, Policies, and Guides

"Will the future be humane and livable? What knowledge and values will guide and sustain us? MIT's SHASS faculty and students address some of largest, most consequential human questions of our time."      

— Melissa Nobles, Kenan Sahin Dean, MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences


Undergraduate Studies

Undergrads, take a virtual tour of MIT's Humanities, Arts, and Social Science fields. Discover which options are the most meaningful for your goals.

Tour the Fields of Study



100% of MIT undergraduates study the humanities, arts, and social sciences.

Discover why


Mens et Manus in the History Workshop

"The past is an excellent laboratory," says Anne McCants, Professor of History. In a hands-on history class (21H.343), MIT students gain insights about human systems by building a handset printing press — the kind of press on which the documents of the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution were printed.

Video + Story

“Humanity faces urgent challenges—challenges whose solutions depend on marrying advanced technical and scientific capabilities with a deep understanding of the world's political, cultural, and economic complexities.”

— L. Rafael Reif, President of MIT



Shaping public policy in the nation's capital

With an education in the humanities, engineering, and political science, Samuel Rodarte Jr. '13 joined generations of alumni who have put their MIT skills to work in Washington, DC. "Laws are written here," says Rodarte. "One detail is changed and millions of lives are transformed."



Discover how MIT's social sciences, arts, and humanities help solve the political, cultural, and economic dimensions of major global issues.

Join us in making a better world


MIT tackles the ethics of climate change

What moral questions do we need to address to meet goals such as the emissions reduction targets set by the Paris Agreement?


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    21st Century Citizenship

  • Lastest research stories on MIT News.

“Employers want students who can lead, work in teams across cultures, and communicate — and much of that ability comes from studies in literature, the arts, the social sciences. The world needs creative problem-solvers who can take into account the human perspective.” 

Cammy Abernathy '80, Dean of the College of Engineering, University of Florida